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About Heal Your Heartbreak
with Vanessa Winter 

Certified LOA Master Instructor

When you think the other person doesn't love you, it's because you have to love yourself.  Your first true and eternal love is yourself.  Your own love is your SUPERPOWER.  Heal your heartbreak and learn how to attract and keep the happy, healthy relationship that you desire.

" The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results." ~Albert Einstein

I've helped so many people heal from painful heartbreak, that I was inspired to create this course because I felt there was a need for it.  Personally, nothing used to hurt me more than heartbreak. I SUFFERED throughout my life needing that love from someone else until I learned how to love myself. I discovered that I AM my source of love. For now, I've chosen to remain single
 and I don't even date, but I feel very happy, whole and comfortable.

In this course I teach you how to find God and heal your heartbreak permanently by working with Cause and Effect/Christ Consciousness (more commonly known as the Universal Law of Attraction).  By "permanent" I mean that if you feel heartbreak again, it will never be the way it felt before because you will know exactly how to handle it and what that heartbreak means. I give you life long tools that will empower you every day from now onward. I am a certified Law of Attraction instructor but what I am teaching here is from my very own personal experience. I teach what I have found to be true and accurate.  I walked through the fire (the deepest pits of hell, really,) came out the other side, and now I help others find their way.  

This is a transformational course and it can bring joy throughout the entire process because I teach you how to access that joy. The most important thing in your life experience is your joy. Your heartbreak has little to do with someone else and everything to do with your thoughts and your connection to God/your soul, which equals your joy. Once you are happy and whole, you will attract the beautiful, healthy, loving relationship you desire (or improve the one you are currently in, or even get your ex back if you want.) I'm going to teach you how to find yourself and you will be able to transform any area of your life and feel good the whole way through, but how good you feel will be COMPLETELY up to you. This course isn't like doing hard work that's no fun. It IS work, through your focus, but it's so exciting! Once you learn what that pain is telling you, you will not want to feel bad anymore and even if u feel bad, you will find relief in understanding WHY and you will have these tools to guide you out of it. 

This is a Christ Consciousness/Cause and Effect transformational course for anyone experiencing heartbreak. Go from victim to victor. Find yourself and love yourself. Empower yourself and transform your life.

I teach you how to easily and gradually turn emotional pain into joy.  You can feel better every step along the way.  I teach you how to get your power back and maintain it so that you can have a loving, stable relationship. You will have the tools you can use forever, so you can easily and effortlessly transform any area of your life: relationships, health, wealth, or whatever your desire may be. Once you learn what they are, you can access them any time because they are permanent. It does take a little bit of work, but it's easy work. You tailor everything according to what FEELS GOOD to YOU. This is about your life and your experience. You are the only one that can feel your own experience. You can start feeling better right away. How (YOU) feel ALWAYS matters first and foremost.

Yea, you're kind of a big deal...the Universe literally revolves around you.

Once you find yourself and become whole, you will be able to relate to those around you from a place of
love instead of fear. From a place of love, stability, and unconditional joy, you will be able to attract and keep that relationship you want to have. The common thread I found with all my clients is that they all believe the person they were with did not love them, and so they felt unlovable and needy.  Some of the women would tell me that, "If he loved me he would change" but that is not love coming from these women to their partner.  The men felt they failed because they couldn't keep the woman happy. In either case, all my clients were deriving their sense of value based on how another person was reacting to them. When we want someone else to change it always means it is us who has to change and take our power back. We are the ones who have to change because we are the ones creating and perceiving our own reality based on our thoughts.

What I teach is 100% effective, it cannot fail because it is a law. Laws are constant. If it fails, it is because we are not fully aligned with the end result we desire, but it is not the law failing. As I just mentioned,  the Law of thought is constant and 100% responding to us according to what we send out.  The results you get are completely up to you but you will know how to feel good along the way as you learn all of this. You will succeed.  This is different from traditional therapy. You will gain control of your thoughts and emotions. Most people, if not all, who come to me begin to feel relief fairly quickly by listening to what I am teaching them.  I had a bi-polar client tell me that I helped her more in 30 minutes than the 10 years of therapy she had been receiving. The best part is that feeling better and getting what you want is entirely up to you. YOU get to control the timing and your results. It is a very exciting and fulfilling journey that you will thank yourself for going on. I teach you how to close off your physical senses, (seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling) and how to "fly by radar" which gives you access to a much broader intelligence. 
I designed this course for any human, male or female. All will benefit from this course because Christ Consciousness/Cause and Effect is based on Universal laws of thought that apply to all of us.

See you there!

This Course Is For You If:

  • You are experiencing heartbreak from a break up or a divorce.

  • You are experiencing heartbreak from feeling alone or from feeling unlovable.

  • You are single and keep experiencing failed relationships and would like to find your soulmate or have a lasting, healthy, loving relationship.

  • You are unsure about whether to leave or remain in the relationship you are currently in.

  • You feel like you need another person to fill a void within you, otherwise you cannot be happy.

  • You are new to the Law of Attraction and would like to learn what it is and how to attract the relationship you desire, or restore a relationship you want to keep.

  • You are anywhere from a beginner to an expert in manifesting but would like some fine tuning on this topic.

Heal Your Heartbreak

Heal Your Heartbreak

Private Instruction

If you would like to book private sessions with me regarding any area of your life, not just specific to heartbreak, please contact me through the form below or send an email to:

(In the subject field please type: SCHEDULE so that I am sure to see it.)

I can teach anybody from beginner level to professional coaches. Private instruction is $200 per session, for up to an hour. Currently, the only form of payment I have is through Paypal. The credit card company I was using took my money and said they paid me. I submitted my bank statements where it showed I never received anything and was told they did pay me. I suspect wire fraud. 

Thank you. 


 I am a certified Law Of Attraction instructor.  I am not a professional therapist.  This course is for those who want to understand how the law works and how to heal their heartbreak using Cause and Effect, or for those who would like to fine tune in this area.  I am sharing what I found to be true and what helped me overcome severe emotional pain due to heartbreak.  This course is not intended to be a substitute for professional help.  If you feel you need professional help, please go seek it.  If you are feeling suicidal, please go get help or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1- 800-273-8255.
By purchasing this course you are agreeing that I will not be held liable for what you decide to do with the knowledge therein. 

If you feel you have  high anxiety,  EFT can be a very helpful  addition to this process.    I can highly recommend Chris Heath.  
He is a brilliant EFT  Practitioner.   At the beginning of my journey, I worked with him for six months.  To find out more information,
visit him on Facebook:     Or contact him via email:                                        

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